it will all come out in the wash

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Exhibition and event

in conjunction with ‘the Freudian Slips’

DSCF4918Hear here, how hard it was.

The Freudian Slips are an all-woman performance group with a passion for exploring themes and issues in women’s lives both past and present.

The Freudian Slips were awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the All Our Stories programme. The project is supported by the Cambridge Community Heritage team.

An exhibition at The Museum of Technology in Cambridge

  • A celebration of the working lives of women in the laundry industry in Cambridge
  • Memories of wash days in the home
  • ‘Hanging out’: New and original artwork by the Freudian Slips and stunning images from CAMIRIS – Cambridge women’s photography group
  • Stain making and removal – hands on exploration
  • Inspired by the craft represented in laundry baskets – contemporary basket work.

Opening Times:

Public Preview: 13th September 18-20pm

Saturday 14th September 10.30 – 16.30  (Free Entry)
Sunday 15th and 22nd September 14.00 – 17.00  (Normal Museum Entry Fee: Adult £3.50 Child £1.50)

holding the sea

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